100 Year Claddagh Ring

Celebrate Timeless Love,

Marking a Century of Enduring Legacy

The 100-Year Claddagh Ring

The 100-year Claddagh Ring is a special edition Claddagh ring that can be differentiated from our other Claddagh Rings as it is created from an older pattern, that can be dated back to 100 years ago. It is composed of different measurements, with the ring’s body featuring a shorter crown and a slightly more rounded, and robust heart and band.

Here you can see the classic Claddagh ring on the left, compared with the 100-year Claddagh ring on the right, if you look closely you can see the difference.

Our 100-Year Claddagh Rings

Sterling Silver 100-year Irish Claddagh Ring

Our silver mens claddagh rings are popular as more casual gifts and are a wonderfully versatile material, designed to last. We also have a variation of options in silver. The silver mens claddagh ring makes for a wonderful gift for a son or young man.

9ct Rose Gold 100-year Claddagh Ring

Rose gold is a fantastic choice for anyone who likes something a little bit different, it has an element of fun to it with its vibrant rosy tint

9ct Gold 100 year Claddagh Ring

The best of both worlds. This material is sure to be appreciated no matter who it is intended for and it harnesses the beauty of both silver and gold at once. A wonderful gift for those who like it all.

9ct White Gold 100 year Claddagh Ring.

Gold is a popular choice for men’s Claddagh rings and we have options with a variety of price points. Gold is long associated with commitment, loyalty and opulence and makes for an impactful statement for someone you love deeply.

The classic Irish Claddagh ring design is a symbol, instantly recognisable in Ireland and all over the world. The emblem of the Claddagh has come to hold a deeper meaning in Irish culture than its maker could have imagined. As Ireland has transformed over time in response to political and cultural shifts, our population has stretched across the globe, bringing with it an unmistakable sense of national pride and courage.

The Claddagh ring has become an Irish insignia of sorts. One that encapsulates and translates not only our love and loyalty to one another but to our culture, roots, nationality and Irish heritage as a whole. From its humble origin in a small fishing village in the west of Ireland, the ring has been carried, figuratively & literally across the world in all directions, and over generations has evolved to transmit love and belonging for millions of Irish emigrants and their descendants.

Whether it is the person wearing the Claddagh or the person gifting it, the symbolism of the Claddagh hands clasping the heart is a timeless statement of connection to one another, and your ancestral home.

In true Irish fashion, the Claddagh ring does not come without its quirks, the symbol of the Claddagh is composed of a heart, held between two hands, above which there sits a crown. The heart represents love, the hands mean friendship and the crown denotes loyalty. Not only do the Claddagh’s distinctive design features carry this poignant message, but the manner in which the ring is worn by the wearer also switches up its meaning, bringing new elements to its design.

If the wearer directs the heart facing outward on their finger, it is understood that the person wearing the ring is open-hearted, and looking for love. But if the wearer places the heart pointing inwards towards themselves, this signifies that person is in a relationship and that their heart is closed off, and already taken. As peculiar as it is small, this little piece of traditional Celtic jewellery is truly unique.

Our handcrafted and hallmarked Claddagh rings, made in their place of origin in Galway are sure to be a distinctive gift for family or friends. The traditional Claddagh design is sure to be a wonderfully unique piece of your jewellery collection, and a compliment to any gent’s or ladies’ style. We craft each Claddagh ring from materials such as sterling silver and gold, and we have additional styles which incorporate beautiful stone and diamond features.

These rings make for wonderful gifts to celebrate any special occasion whether it is friendship, an engagement or a newly married couple.