Child’s Claddagh Ring

A Promise of Forever,

From Their Very First

Your Child’s First Claddagh Ring

Childhood is a precious and fleeting time. As we grow older, we become increasingly attached to the sentimental mementoes that bring us back to a more magical and joyful time. When we are children, we don’t always understand the value of something that becomes so precious and nostalgic to us as we age, and this makes a Claddagh ring such a special item for a child to have.

Our Children’s Claddagh Rings

As Children’s Claddagh rings are small in size, the details are more intricately crafted. The materials we work with to make our Children’s Claddagh rings are Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, and White Gold. You can review the size and height of the ring you wish to purchase on our website. Your child’s perfect Claddagh ring should reflect their personality.

Gold Claddagh Rings

Gold Claddagh rings are some of our most popular and luxurious statement pieces which are often selected as rings to be gifted to someone who is a very special person in your life. Gold, typically associated with wealth, opulence and love, is a beautiful symbol of adoration and commitment. Choosing a gold Claddagh ring for someone is an important process and requires thought and research. All of our gold rings are hallmarked, and lifetime guaranteed.

Silver Claddagh Rings

We also have a collection of sterling silver Irish Claddagh rings. Silver rings are typically presented as gifts to be given to celebrate friendship and are the most commonly worn and purchased Claddagh rings. A more affordable option, and long-lasting pieces of jewellery, silver is a wonderful choice for someone who is coming of age or moving away from home.

Rose Gold Claddagh Rings

Rose gold has increased in popularity a lot in recent years as a choice for ladies in particular. This feminine and elegant material makes for a beautiful gift choice for someone with a dainty or graceful sense of style.

White Gold Claddagh Rings

White gold is a wonderfully versatile material in terms of what skin tones it is suited to, and how it can be worn. This beautiful shimmering mix of gold and silver is cooler-toned than yellow gold and makes for a luxurious and long-lasting material.

A Claddagh ring can teach a child about their culture, and instil in them the poignant values translated through the meaning of the Claddagh ring’s iconic symbol. The Claddagh ring’s design is composed of a central love heart, which is encased between two hands and topped with a crown. The crown represents loyalty, the hands mean friendship and the heart means love.

In Ireland and Galway, it is a common custom to present your child with a Claddagh ring around the mark of their 17th or 18th birthday, due to the tradition associated with how the ring is worn… If the wearer’s heart is taken, they wear the heart pointing inwards, and if it is not, the heart faces out. But for younger children who are not concerned with romantic love, a Claddagh ring is a beautiful gesture of adoration from a parent that shows your love for them.

For parents who have emigrated generations ago to give their children a better life, or departed in more recent times, the gift of a Claddagh ring serves as a daily reminder to your child of not only their heritage & roots in Ireland but also that they are loved. To purchase a Claddagh ring for a child is to gift them community and belonging.

Although it is likely that one day you will find your child’s Claddagh ring has become too small, this is an item that can be cherished for life, and that one day they might share and pass down to their own children, to teach them in turn about the ring’s values of love, loyalty and friendship. A Claddagh ring is not for life, but forever.

When choosing the perfect piece, size and price range it is important to review our entire list of items to be sure you select your child or children’s perfect orders. We have sold many different types of small Claddagh rings for children, and they make wonderfully popular gifts.