Men’s Claddagh Ring

Embrace the Legacy of Centuries, Exude
Strength and Tradition

Men’s Claddagh Ring

Our men’s Claddagh rings come in a variety of materials and price ranges. Choosing the perfect Claddagh ring is a challenge, and it is a gift for life so we want you to make the right decision, certain metals are better suited to certain skin tones, for example, someone with yellow undertones in their skin might avoid yellow gold, and opt instead for sterling silver to better suit their complexion.


Gold is a popular choice for men’s Claddagh rings and we have options with a variety of price points. Gold is long associated with commitment, loyalty and opulence and makes for an impactful statement for someone you love deeply.

Sterling Silver

Our silver mens claddagh rings are popular as more casual gifts and are a wonderfully versatile material, designed to last. We also have a variation of options in silver. The silver mens claddagh ring makes for a wonderful gift for a son or young man.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a fantastic choice for a man who likes something a little bit different, it has an element of fun to it with its vibrant rosy tint

White Gold

The best of both worlds. This material is sure to be appreciated no matter who it is intended for and it harnesses the beauty of both silver and gold at once. A wonderful gift for those who like it all.

Men’s Claddagh rings are as popular as ladies’ Claddagh rings and are worn by men of all ages and all over the world. Many men wear Claddagh rings, and often special ones that have been passed down through families over generations. Claddagh rings are intended to be family heirlooms, and frequently are handed down among family members. It is sometimes said that you never really own a Claddagh ring, you simply are its keeper until it is passed onto the next person.

The popularity of men’s Claddagh rings has grown over time, along with other types of Celtic jewellery in Ireland. These rings are a symbol of Irish heritage, hailing from the Claddagh area of Galway, and their iconic design of the two hands, the heart and the crown symbolise friendship, love and loyalty. The creation of Claddagh rings is a skilled craft that has ancient roots and is now inextricably intertwined with Irish heritage and identity

The design itself has become an iconic emblem of the Irish, and a Claddagh ring makes for a beautiful gift to those who are living overseas, or whose family’s story can be traced back to Ireland. Claddaghs of all kinds such as yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver and even rose gold are popular amongst gents. The Claddagh ring is a sure way to show your loyalty to a loved one and celebrate your history and identity. This symbol is a heartfelt token of your love, loyalty and friendship. Although Claddagh rings are associated with Ireland and Galway in particular, you do not have to be Irish to wear and love one. These rings are wonderfully versatile and can mean many things. Mens Claddagh rings are fantastic choices to celebrate anyone from partners to fathers, sons and brothers.

At Thomas Dillons Claddagh gold, we understand that sometimes words are not enough. This is why we believe that the gift of a Claddagh ring can help you to express what you may not otherwise be able to. These rings are a perfect encapsulation of history & friendship.

Claddagh rings have occasionally been known to have been used as a wedding ring, the Claddagh design is known to have come from fide rings, which were ancient roman rings that symbolised a commitment between two people and were also frequently used as a wedding ring. Although when these rings existed in ancient times, they did not include a crown in the design, as this is a more modern addition to Claddagh rings.