Women’s Claddagh Ring

Radiate Graceful Elegance,

Empowering Hearts with Timeless Beauty

Women’s Claddagh Ring

At Thomas Dillon’s Claddagh rings, we have a beautiful array of women’s Claddagh rings for you to choose from. An Irish Claddagh ring is the perfect symbol of love and loyalty for your beloved, and a gift choice that will stand the test of time.

Gold Claddagh Rings

Gold Claddagh rings are some of our most popular and luxurious statement pieces which are often selected as rings to be gifted to someone who is a very special person in your life. Gold, typically associated with wealth, opulence and love, is a beautiful symbol of adoration and commitment. Choosing a gold Claddagh ring for someone is an important process and requires thought and research. All of our gold rings are hallmarked, and lifetime guaranteed.

Silver Claddagh Rings

We also have a collection of sterling silver Irish Claddagh rings. Silver rings are typically presented as gifts to be given to celebrate friendship and are the most commonly worn and purchased Claddagh rings. A more affordable option, and long-lasting pieces of jewellery, silver is a wonderful choice for someone who is coming of age or moving away from home.

Rose Gold Claddagh Rings

Rose gold has increased in popularity a lot in recent years as a choice for ladies in particular. This feminine and elegant material makes for a beautiful gift choice for someone with a dainty or graceful sense of style.

White Gold Claddagh Rings

White gold is a wonderfully versatile material in terms of what skin tones it is suited to, and how it can be worn. This beautiful shimmering mix of gold and silver is cooler-toned than yellow gold and makes for a luxurious and long-lasting material.

The hallmarked Claddagh design is composed of a central love heart, held on either side by a pair of hands, and topped with a crown. This Iconic design is known in Ireland and all over the world. Irish Claddagh rings have become a phenomenon loved by people all over Ireland and the world. The poignant history and meaning of the ring’s symbol has changed over time but today translates to love, loyalty and friendship. The heart represents your love for the wearer, the two hands symbolise your friendship and the crown signifies loyalty.

These rings are designed to be worn for life and are a beautiful gift for all the women you treasure… be they partners, friends or family. Irish Claddagh rings are a wonderful way to remind someone of your love for them without saying too much.

All of our Claddagh rings are designed to be worn for a lifetime, and our classic design which boasts beautiful handcrafted details that give our jewellery a timeless, classic style. We have styles in a variation of materials such as sterling silver, gold and rose gold. Rose gold being a popular choice of ring for women to wear, with its delicate and feminine pink hue.

Claddagh rings have occasionally been known to have been used as a wedding ring, the Claddagh ring design is known to have come from fide rings, which were ancient roman rings that symbolised a commitment between two people and were also frequently used as a wedding ring.